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We are Spec.

Our mission is to protect every online customer journey.


We see a world where every online interaction can be a truly trusted exchange. A world where businesses are empowered to deliver amazing customer experiences.

How our story began

Our founders have spent the last decade building fraud and abuse solutions for the largest brands in the world. Throughout their experience, they saw innovation held back by siloed teams, data, and tools. Year-after-year, they saw solutions providers chase trendy detection technologies and risk signal fads, but ignore this underlying problem. Because of this, they saw a need to build a different kind of product and a different kind of company. Spec is that company.

Why Spec is different

At Spec, we believe every online experience should start with trust. Unfortunately, identity fraud, payment fraud, and application abuse make it impossible to trust everyone online.

Bad actors constantly evolve, and so too must defenses. Normally, brands would spend months on research, planning, and development to identify and respond to emerging threats. Brands using our Trust Cloud detect customer journey issues, build strategies, and deploy solutions in minutes with zero developer support required. When attack tactics and defensive capabilities change, our platform enables brands to adapt just as quickly.

Driving innovation through diversity

We drive innovation by celebrating the cultures, backgrounds, experiences, and viewpoints of our diverse team and empowering them to share and cultivate their unique perspectives, ideas, and skills. Our team is built around trust, respect, equality, and inclusion, the founding principles around which we built Spec.

Our core values

Driven by service and compassion

We choose to put empathy and compassion into the world through service to the people that need our help the most.

Whole, diverse, authentic people

We value, respect, and incorporate the entirety of our diverse perspectives, aspirations, and beliefs to forge strong relationships and build with heart.

Always Learning

We are driven to learn, grow, and innovate through questioning conventions, always having the desire to know, and embracing when we’re wrong with humility.

Mission Focused

Together, we take continual, focused, passionate, and practical action toward achieving our mission.

Backed by leading VCs

Legion Capital
Rally Ventures
Dreamit Ventures
Cyber Mentor Fund

Are you ready to unlock your dream career?

If you read about Spec’s culture above and found yourself excited, we want to meet you. Join a team of like-minded folks who want to help build an internet that begins with trust.

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