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Customer Journey Security

Protection from evolving fraud, bots, and AI

Spec prevents missing, blocked, and manipulated data from exposing your business to dynamic attacks.

Platform Features

Monitor every customer journey in real-time.

Identify attacks as they’re happening.

Mitigate directly from the Spec platform.

Automate real-time updates to your tools.

Protects with 14x the data

Spec collects and links complete journey data that’s beyond the reach of legacy defenses.

Invisible and tamper-proof

Spec monitors user activity and attacker tampering attempts without touching the user experience.

Honeypots attackers

Spec uses honeypots to blind attackers, harvest their tactics, and prevent them from learning.

Consumer privacy tools and AI-powered bots make it impossible to trust the data you used to rely on.

On the Spec Platform

Interactions with your websites and APIs are replayed in a secure server-side sandbox within milliseconds

— collect complete data and enforce decisions faster than you can blink.

Risk assessments, behavioral analysis, and bot detection happens against complete and tamper-proof data

— accurate protections with zero impact on the consumer experience.

Limitless integrations

Spec effortlessly updates your existing tools and workflows with customer journey data in real time.


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See the platform in action

Get started with a demo of the Spec platform, then get an end-to-end report of your customer journeys and the sources of attack pressure against them.