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No-code reseller partner program to enable instant access to fraud solutions

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Working with large ecommerce companies, marketplaces, fintechs, and financial institutions, it’s become clear that these businesses depend on a suite of solutions to protect the integrity of their online customer experiences.  Spec’s platform has enabled online businesses of various sizes to identify and block the attacks that target the gaps in their customer journey and connect them to any fraud tool that would help solve their problems. 

Today, Spec is making this mission easier with the introduction of our Spec Reseller Partner Program.  In an exciting step forward, businesses can now create contractual relationships directly with leading fraud solution providers through their existing relationship with Spec. 

In a wide range of collaborations and partnerships with technology providers, consumer data networks, and experienced fraud-fighting groups, Spec has initiated reseller relationships with several industry leaders, including IDology, AtData, Sift, and Chargelytics Consulting, with more providers expected to join in the future. This opens the door to rapid adaptation to evolving threats and changing business needs, ensuring the consistent delivery of trusted online experiences.

Nate Kharrl, CEO of Spec, expressed his enthusiasm for the program, stating, “We are excited to introduce these partnerships, which mark a significant stride in our mission to empower businesses to effortlessly connect with world-class solutions. Online brands have to constantly innovate in order to keep delivering trusted online experiences. These partnerships enable our users to more quickly adopt solutions to some of the most pressing problems faced by merchants, marketplaces, and fintech companies today.”

The introduction of these strategic partnerships brings several benefits to online businesses:

  • Effortless Access: Online businesses no longer need to navigate complex and time-consuming procurement processes to access these vital capabilities. The Spec Reseller Partner Program provides immediate access to the offerings of these trusted partners.
  • Comprehensive Solutions: Spec’s platform is now home to a range of solutions provided by these partners, addressing key issues such as identity, fraud, abuse, and trust challenges faced by online merchants and marketplaces.
  • Emerging Threats: The partnerships are also set to tackle emerging trends in cybercrime, ensuring that online businesses remain ahead of the curve in protecting their operations and customer data.

One standout partnership comes from Chargelytics Consulting, which has developed a Refund Claims Fraud solution on Spec’s platform. This innovative solution addresses the growing concern of refund claims fraud (also known as RCF or Refund Fraud), providing a holistic and comprehensive approach to tackle this issue at the time of compromise, when a refund claim is made.

In summary, the Spec Reseller Partner Program is a significant development in the world of online security and fraud prevention. It empowers businesses to stay ahead of evolving threats, adopt cutting-edge solutions, and continue delivering trusted online experiences to their customers. With a strong lineup of trusted partners and more to come, the future of customer journey security looks promising. 

Interested in trying out one of these partners on Spec? Check out our website.

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