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Spec Secures $15M Series A Funding, Accelerating Innovation in Fraud Defense

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Fraudology: a field guide to working with other teams within your organization with Nate Kharrl

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About the episode

Often, leaders of fraud departments will say something to the effect of “My biggest adversaries aren’t the bad actors trying to commit fraud against our organization; they’re within my company and work within other departments that will often sabotage us or not understand our roles, which can lead to more problems than account or payment fraud does.”

Nate Kharrl, CEO & co-founder at Spec, joined Karisse on Fraudology to share some of what he’s found are common themes & issues that other departments outside of fraud care about, and why they often struggle to understand the impact of the mission of an online fraud prevention team for e-commerce & consumer-focused fintech companies. Listen to this episode for tips on how to get into the mindset of others within the organization and to build alignment and urgency around fraud initiatives.

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About Fraudology and host Karisse Hendrick

Fraudology is hosted by Karisse Hendrick, a fraud fighter with decades of experience advising hundreds of the biggest eCommerce companies in the world on fraud, chargebacks, and other forms of abuse impacting a company’s bottom line.

She brings her experience, expertise, and extensive network of experts to this podcast semi-weekly, on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

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